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Annual Servicing and Emergency Call Out

Vessel: My Sima - Location: New York, USA

Engine Type: 8L3B Twin Main propulsion engines with Twin Disc 514 gearboxes

We have serviced this vessel for over 10 years, and visit annually for sea trials and preventative maintenance. We offer a 7 day call out service to this vessel, and over the years have serviced the fuel pumps and injectors, renewed the cylinder liner o-ring seals and all cooling system maintenance. We have also had to replace some of the timing gear due to excessive wear.

Annual Servicing and Emergency Call Out

Engine Specification

  • Marine – 230bhp@1150rpm
  • Automotive – n/a
  • Rail Traction – 260bhp@1300rpm
  • Bore – 139.7mm (5.5″)
  • Stroke – 196.85mm (7.75″)
  • Aspiration – Natural
  • Capacity – 24.138 Litres
  • Configuration – 8 Cylinders in-line