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Full inspection and overhaul of twin 8L3B engines for Lloyds Survey

Vessel: MY Camara C - Location: Toulon, France

Engine Type: 8L3B Twin main propulsion engines with 3UC reversing and reducing gearboxes

As part of the Lloyds 5-year survey, we were asked to visit the vessel to open the engines up to be inspected by the Lloyds representative and report on the findings. When it was found that the engines were in worse condition than expected, we were then asked to fully overhaul the engines, including removal of the crankshafts for regrind, and full rebuilds of both Gardner 3UC reversing and reducing gears.

All parts were removed from the vessel and returned to the UK where we overhauled all sub-assemblies, including new liners, overhauled cylinder heads and fuel system and rebuilt the badly damaged 3UC reversing gear including a new main shaft.

Parts were then returned to the vessel for installation and rebuild on-site.

All work was approved by Lloyds, and we were also asked to return to approval the engine and shaft alignment.

Full inspection and overhaul of twin 8L3B engines for Lloyds Survey

Engine Specification

  • Marine – 230bhp@1150rpm
  • Automotive – n/a
  • Rail Traction – 260bhp@1300rpm
  • Bore – 139.7mm (5.5″)
  • Stroke – 196.85mm (7.75″)
  • Aspiration – Natural
  • Capacity – 24.138 Litres
  • Configuration – 8 Cylinders in-line