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Full Workshop overhaul of twin Gardner 8L3B engines

Vessel: MY Monara - Location: Canterbury, UK

Engine Type: 8L3B Twin main propulsion engines with 3UC reversing and reducing gearboxes

As part of the major restoration of this classic Feadship Monara (Ex Olympia), the engines were removed complete from the side of the hull and shipped to us for full overhaul. As part of this overhaul we had a particular colour specification to meet, including specific paint to use as specified by Feadship and the project manager.

The engines and gearboxes were fully overhauled back to original condition, and then dynamometer tested on our facilities, with shipyard representation coming to witness the tests.

When they were complete, they were returned to the vessel for installation, and the completion of the 3 year project. The vessel is now located in Barcelona, and chartering throughout the Mediterranean.

Full Workshop overhaul of twin Gardner 8L3B engines

Engine Specification

  • Marine – 230bhp@1150rpm
  • Automotive – n/a
  • Rail Traction – 260bhp@1300rpm
  • Bore – 139.7mm (5.5″)
  • Stroke – 196.85mm (7.75″)
  • Aspiration – Natural
  • Capacity – 24.138 Litres
  • Configuration – 8 Cylinders in-line