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Yearly service contract and annual overhaul schedule

Vessel: My Corana - Location: Mallorca, Spain

Engine Type: 6L3B Twin Main propulsion engines with Gardner 3UC reversing and reducing gears

During the restoration of this classic vessel we were sent the engines to our workshop where we fully overhauled the handed pair of main engines and gearboxes, before returning them to the shipyard in Valencia for re-installation back in the vessel (Ex Pepida). Now she is located in Mallorca, we visit the vessel once per year for a full service and sea trial, and are on call throughout the summer season for the owner should they need us. We also keep a stock of core spare parts for the vessel on our shelves at all times should they be required.

Looking after the vessel like this after the overhaul means that the engines are kept in perfect working order, and the value of the overhaul is maintained through the life of the vessel. It also ensures full up to date maintenance according to the recommended maintenance schedule is strictly kept to, regardless of any crew changes that there might be.

Yearly service contract and annual overhaul schedule

Engine Specification

  • Marine – 172.5bhp@1150rpm
  • Automotive – n/a
  • Rail Traction – 195bhp@1300rpm
  • Bore – 139.7mm (5.5″)
  • Stroke – 196.85mm (7.75″)
  • Aspiration – Natural
  • Capacity – 18.103 Litres
  • Configuration – 6 Cylinders in-line